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The Life Of St. Paul




The Life of St. Paul

by James Stalker

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The Life of St. Paul James Stalker

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The Life of St.

<p>But, when Paul and Barnabas came back from their first missionary tour to Antioch, they found that a still more decisive settlement of this question was required; for Christians of the strictly Jewish sort were coming down from Jerusalem to Antioch and telling the Gentile converts that, unless they were circumcised, they could not be savedThis clearly proves that he never regarded it as part of his work to dissuade born Jews from living as Jews17316The very knowledge of sin tempts to its commission; the very command not to do anything is to a diseased nature a reason for doing itWe have already seen that Barnabas may be called the discoverer of Paul; and, when they set out on this journey together, he was probably in a position to act as Paul's patron; for he enjoyed much consideration in the Christian communityThis was a rule with wisdom in it; for it gave employment to the young at an age when too much leisure is dangerous, and acquainted the wealthy and the learned in some degree with the feelings of those who have to earn their bread with the sweat of their browPatrick's Day few people know Barnabas perceived his sincerity and brought him back to Antioch</p>
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<p>There is a natural revelation of God in His works and in the human conscience sufficient to enlighten men as to this dutySubject of class essay: The Influence of Christianity on the Lot of WomanHe was also known as Paul the Apostle, the Apostle Paul and the Paul of TarsusThey were men not without ability for the work they had undertaken: they had smooth, insinuating tongues, they could assume an air of dignity, and they did not stick at trifles124As he entered the city, he could not be insensible to the great memories which clung to its streets and monuments</p>
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<p>He was given to Christianity when it was in its most rudimentary beginningsBut none the less did it break in upon Paul with the joy and pain of original thought; it came to him through his experience; it drenched and dyed every fiber of his mind and heart; and the expression which it found in his writings was in accordance with his peculiar genius and circumstancesPaul alone was true to the principles of gospel freedom, withstanding Peter to the face and exposing the inconsistency of his conductAbuses and IrregularitiesIt already, indeed, possessed the perfect model of human character in the person of its FounderIn these three days, it may be said with confidence, he got at least a partial hold of all the truths he afterward proclaimed to the world; for his whole theology is nothing but the explication of his own conversion  5d8a9798ff </p>

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